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Tera Melos

Wow. On Thursday night at the local Silverlake Lounge, I had my face melted by an awe inspiring performance from the band Tera Melos. To me, this is what life is about. After following these guys fairly regularly since discovering them on a music forum, I was delighted to finally catch a performance of them in person. This 3-piece band who seemed to not have a fraction of the fan base they deserve, have the exact energy that I seek in a band. They can shred with virtuoso skill, hit a beautiful melody, and then jump into a spastic thrash all in the same song. If I were to actually bog down and attempt at genre description(I’d rather not, but….), I would say they are progressive math rock fusioned with parts metal, punk, and post-rock. Got it? Good. Their albums don’t quite capture their live energy, but still showcases their amazing abilities. They tend to be more calculated recorded while their show seemed a bit more of a controlled chaos.

This kind of musical complexity is definitely not for most, but it surely melted nearly everyone that was in the damn place on Thursday night. I actually was able to bring along 4 friends to the show (which is quite the feat for me and my tastes), who all seemed to be equally blown away. I was right there in first row just rocking out, and in awe for what was probably a 30-40 min set. I got caught up in the melodies, I got caught up in the talent, I got floored by their energy. Their Passion. I think this is what separates the special people from the ordinary. Those who are passionate about what they do are the ones who are actually able to make something worth value. Something that is actually special. A band can fake energy on stage with showmanship and gimmicks. These guys never needed that for a second. There could’ve been 5 people in the room, or 5,000. It wouldn’t have mattered to them.Their energy was absolutely contagious.

Standing in the first row, my ears were clearly in danger. Like always, I had ear plugs in my pocket ready to go. But I couldn’t bring myself to pulling them out. I find that ear plugs frequently create a separation from the natural energy that is in a blasting live performance. When I have the musical vibrations pouring through out my body like it does at a live show, I have the inane ability to lose myself in the music. These are the only moments when I can act and think ONLY in the NOW. I can’t be distracted with the problems from yesterday, or the pressures of tomorrow. I’m purely lost in the music and nothing else. For that alone, I accept these moments as the downfall of my hearing. In twenty years, will I be upset that I can’t hear people arguing, or will I be glad that I was able to live in a moment? For now, I’ll surely pick the latter.

After the show, I thanked the band for finally making it out to LA and told them how much I appreciated them. I really like the direction they’re heading,and expect great thing from them in the future.

check them out, and buy buy buy buy. these guys deserve it. Try songs Last Smile for Jaron and 40 Rods…:

sorry the pics I took are so god awful, but at the moment, I couldn’t have really cared less about a photo.

Tera Melos Live



Written by RocksRocksRocks

March 24, 2008 at 12:10 am

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