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At about 1:30am Tuesday morning, drenched with sweat, we all slowly started pouring out of the Smell after Dan Deacon’s performance. I looked at my friend Ian and all he could say was “Wow”. Wow indeed. We were completely exhausted but couldn’t be any more elated. It was a truly special night at the Smell.

Hosted by Sean Carnage this past Monday night was LA’s finest drumming quartet- Foot Village’s record release party. It was jam packed with 6 bands, promptly starting after the doors opened at 9. There were rumors for at least a week that Electro-God Dan Deacon would be making an appearance. By Monday afternoon, The Smell officially announced it on their site. I figured by then the cat was out of the bag, and it would be just insanity. It strangely though never got too packed, but I will say that the 100 or so people that did file in last night, left shocked& awed (!!!).

The action really got started by the 3rd band Robin Williams On Fire. I’ve heard the name tossed around a bunch in association with other Deathbomb Arc bands, but had no idea what to expect. I knew just enough about Deathbomb to know not to assume anything. I will say that RWOF, these guys are punk to the core- though they sound a lot thrashier than really most punk. Don’t think Ramones, or even Black Flag. Think more so Das Oath, but a bit heavier and with an ass-naked guitarist. WhA? Yea. Punk. This wasn’t RHCP nudity. There was no sock. Great show though. And they played way longer than I’m used to seeing hardcore thrash bands play. It was easily 30 mins. They ended their set with some heavy noise while their guitarist lazily dragged his guitar behind him all over the floor of the venue, in and out of the crowd (yes,nude). Quite the performance.

The next artist was Kyle H. Mabson who doubled as the sound tech for the night (and a lots of nights). He did a pretty great job of getting the crowd juiced by flipping through pop hits on his ipod and then pummeling them with brutal effects. He finished by playing a bunch of heavy noise, then switched gears into playing a Jumpstyle techno song (popularized in Holland and Eastern Europe [try this!], and in LA by Captain Ahab). Everybody loved it.

Next were the drumming foursome Foot Village. I’d only seem them once before at Pehr Space, but really loved their sound and energy. To see all four drum sets set up on the stage kind of bummed me out. When I saw them at Pehr Space they played on the floor while people ran around them, throwing toilet paper all over them. I wanted this performance to be equally fun for the fans. Thankfully, right before they started, they invited all the fans to join them on stage, which turned out great. Their mounting beats of energy can sound like a tribal war song about to explode. The sound of four drummers beating the crap out of drums sounds like few other things. When all crashing on their symbols at the same time, they would hit a mesmerizing frequency. I haven’t yet gotten their new album, but I wonder if there sound and energy can really be transfered to tape.

Dan Deacon was the final act of the evening going on just after midnight. For those uniformed, I’d say start here. A product of the underground Baltimore scene, Deacon’s popularity has really taken off of late. His most recent full length release- Spiderman Of The Rings is a must buy for any and all electro fans. Combining samples, crazy vocoder effects, and positive energy, his music can undoubtedly make you dance and smile. His energy live though just amplified everything x100.

Just as he was about to start he realized that his ipod shuffle that he uses for his songs needed to be charged. Instead of walking off stage, he decided to begin to energizing the crowd while it charged. After a few minutes of making us all stretch, the crowd found themselves following his every word, getting to the ground on our knees, pointing to a single point on the ceiling and focusing all our negative energy there. He told us to think of whom we’ve gone wrong to in our lives. He used examples of stealing your brothers coin collection just to buy some #1 edition comics from the comic fair, just cause #1 comics were hot that year, even though you realized those comics totally sucked. Or that time you told your parents you hated them just to see how they responded. He combined humor and heart. By the time his Ipod was done charging, we had already played along with him for 10 mins without any music. He had already successfully gained the trust of the entire crowd, who already started blindly following him. He only played new songs, that had never been played before, but everyone danced the night away. We didn’t need the hits to feel as good we felt. His energy was purely contagious.

His new songs seemed a bit faster, and a lot more uptempo which made the crowd just wild in enthusiasm. In between all the songs his playful interjections made everything more humorous, personal and real. He would strike up random conversations, like how he was afraid of flying because he can’t help but see his father crying knowing he is dead. This was far more emotive than 99% of Electronic performances you’ll ever see. By the end I felt he connected everybody in that room. It was absolutely amazing. He had strangers holding each others’ hands (everyone-willingly) for minutes at a time. I know I never wanted the set to finish. I couldn’t care less about work at that moment, or that it was nearing 1am and I should go home. All tension was relieved. I wasn’t hurting the next day at work because I got home so late. I was still feeling the high from the performance. I hope you can experience it. It’s moments like these where you can’t help but love life.

He’ll be playing again very soon with my favorite LA performers……..See you there?

Try out: Snake Mistakes here and Trippy Green Skull here



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April 8, 2008 at 10:29 pm

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