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Atmospheres and Soudtracks (1983)Life is full of acquired tastes. Not the least of which are ambient music and an interest in space travel. If neither of these is your cup of tea, and you’re pretty sure they never will be, don’t be afraid. Life is also full of strange coherences, times when two disparate concepts intersect and expand your understanding of both. Most people don’t give a crap about the moon, or that two dozen people have traveled the quarter million miles and returned to tell their story. I would guess that roughly the same number of people don’t consider “Ambient Music” to be music in any real sense, rating it about on par with muzak. As remote concepts alien to every day experience, both represent foreign environments. When people cannot relate to an environment in some way, even a seemingly incongruous or inconsequential way, there is little reason for them to dig any deeper – no motivation to incorporate uncertain and uninviting terrain into their field of view. Just for a moment, try and imagine the introduction of a single unifying human element into both of these alien constructs, what would happen? I don’t mean to claim that Brian Eno’s Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks is either perfect or transcendent, but I would point to it as the only serious effort made by a musician to explore the implications of our voyage to the moon, and in doing so create a construct used to humanize the endeavor and make it accessible to casual observers.

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Written by roswellmueller

April 3, 2008 at 9:26 pm